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Undisclosed Pharma App

This virtual assistant helps physicians correctly dose and administer the pharmaceuticals featured in this app.

“The team from Helium Foot was really great to work with, they were very organized, able to speak our language in both technical and business terms and were in constant communication with us. Not only that, Helium Foot accurately predicted what they could deliver each week -- and deliver they did! We and our client couldn't have been more pleased.”

  • Vice President, Executive Producer

Meet Central is an easy-to-use mobile app that uses Internet of Things technology to run swim meets. From the wireless, synchronized start for all stopwatches to the real-time scores and results, it has never been faster or easier to run a meet.

“This team prides itself on creating a product and a working relationship that is ‘delightful’. I can attest that this has absolutely been our experience. We continually look forward to scheduled iteration reviews and enjoy the preparedness and energy around each meeting. Helium Foot has been invested in feature development and addressing mission critical architectural and business challenges. We've built a product from scratch with them and have changed our market in the process. Working with Helium Foot is a blast!”

  • Charlie Houchin
  • CEO, HydroXphere
  • 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist
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